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Paula's Place

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Rain Reigns

I don't like to complain, but, it has been raining an awful lot just recently!   I feel I shouldn't be complaining because so many people have it so much worse than me.   Lots of people have been flooded out, washed away, roofs off, trees and fences down.   My home is fine, and since I live on the side of a hill the water runs past, but I am getting well and truly fed up with all this rain.

The other day I was repairing a fence that had come down in the wind, I had to put in some new posts, and decided to dig new post holes.   Well, I thought I was digging post holes I actually seemed too be digging wells, although it was a nice dry day there was so much ground water that they filled up with water within minutes.   The ground was totally saturated, nearby there was standing water on the fields as the ground is so wet the water has nowhere to drain to.   Since then we have had several days of more rain.   How can there be so much water still falling, it is currently rattling against the windows and pounding on the roof, and I still have three more fences to repair and a couple of shed roofs to mend!   Adding to the problems I find that all my local timber merchants are out of stock of 6 x 6 fence panels!

Of course at my age the biggest personal risk is rust, but my major concern is that having been blessed with a decent amount of work, I need to get it done, if only the rain would stop and let me get on with it.

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