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Brass Band

Bad Romance Lady Gaga

An arrangement of the Lada Gaga hit single for the traditional British Brass Band ~ Something fun and bang up to date for the summer bandstand concerts. 

Available through Sheet Music Direct for £37.99 here 

Concert Band

Trepak Prosper Morand

Arranged for concert band this is lively dance tune based on the traditional Folk Dance ~ Subtitled "Russian Dance" this is a fun piece which will be enjoyed by Band and Audience alike. Includes additional parts for Eb Horns and Bb Euphonium in treble clef. 

Available through Sheet Music Direct for £37.99 here

Three Miniature for Four Bass Clarinets

An original piece for Bass Clarinet quartet in three movements. The first movement is in a lively march style, as the tune gets shared around the four parts it builds to a stirring climax. The second movement is a slow sad waltz, before moving on the a rhythmically more complicated fugue of a finale. The challenges of this piece of a more musical nature than of a technical one, this is a good introduction to playing the Bass Clarinet in an ensemble or chamber setting.

Available through Sheet Music Direct for £13.99 here

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