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Paula's Place

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Where am I?

It was so nice today, the sun was out the temperature was manageable and I could get on with some proper gardening.   I started off struggling to get up, and then getting started required a positive effort of will, but once started it was one of those days when I remember why I do this.   At one point while I was pruning a lilac tree and basking in the sunshine I was almost mobbed by a flock of parakeets, I had to remind myself that I was in Sidcup in January!

I don't often dream of being somewhere else, but when ever I go to Sidcup I always imagine myself carrying on down the A20 to Dover, catching a ferry and keeping going until I find a nice little hotel in a nice little French village, with a nice restaurant and bar.   Today was no exception, but I was quite happy to stay there and get on with my work, indeed it was probably a lot more fun that driving for six or seven hours.

I am now kicked back relaxing after a nice dinner of roast winter vegetables and sausages, a few glasses of red wine and watching the film King Arthur with Clive Owen, Keira Knightley and the beautiful Ioan Gruffudd, despite all of it's historical and mythological inaccuratecies I pretty good film, so all in all not a bad day.
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