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Paula's Place

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Over Looked Again

The Telegraph have once again published their Best-dressed women of the year list, and once again I have been overlooked.   I'm not quite sure why they keep missing me out, maybe they are just going to the wrong places.   If they were to come to St Sepulchre's without Newgate at about seven O'clock tonight they would see me wearing a very fetching LBD subtly teamed with a short black jacket, sheer tights and open toed black pumps.   I think this is a nice classy outfit (given that we are wearing all black), indeed better than some of the much more expensive and colourful outfits they feature.

Tonight's concert promises to be great fun, some of my favourite music being played by some of my favourite people, plus a chance to glam it up a bit.  

Tonight we will be joined by a new trombone player, I have not yet met him, but I have corresponded with him, and I know he is a good friend of some friends of mine who I have yet to have that certain difficult conversation with.   I am not sure yet just ow much I shall tell him, I had hoped to be able to be totally free and out, but a not sure as I wanted to tell my other friends first, I have tried a couple of times but the situation has not been right, with other people or children being around, as Jack Sparrow would say I have been waiting for the opportune moment.
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