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Paula's Place

Saturday, 14 December 2013


I feel that I am being looked after, of course as a Christian that is something I believe all the time, but it is not something that we experience, or indeed feel all the time.   Given the amount of s%*t that has been going on in my life this year this is a strange statement to make, but none the less I am being blessed.   A moments reflection shows me that I am very busy with work and being self employed the more I work the more money I make, and I need it now!   I'm still coming to terms with how much it costs to live here on my own, some things are cheaper, some still cost the same, but overall my expenses have gone up massively, so continuous work is essential.

So far 2013 has been a good year for work, I have been pretty steady since around April with very few days lost to weather, and always enough to do, recently I have often been working five and half or six days a week, and still don't have enough money to "get ahead" but I am not getting worse.   Being busy also means that I don't have time to reflect on the down side of my situation, even when not working I have a lot of music engagements at this time of year I have currently completed three of nine Christmas performances, not remunerative though.

It does also mean that I don't have that many opportunities to dress, to be myself, I have managed the odd evening at home, but even they are few and far between.   Last night I was home alone so decided to glam up a bit, to dress for diner, so there I was all dressed up and ended up falling asleep on the sofa after dinner.

Not sure how I will be fitting this weekend together, two concerts, collect a friend from Heathrow, complete construction of a new cold frame, mend a chain saw, do the housework and the laundry.   At least I do now have a Christmas tree up, so I'm not the only thing the house that sparkles!
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