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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Just a quicky

As seems to happen so often these days I am running out of time, this is of course partly the time of year as I am in great demand (excellent!) musically as well as all the usual pressures of work, church and keeping the house going.   At the weekend I played in two concerts one on Saturday night and one on Sunday, although the feedback from audience and colleagues alike was very positive, I know in my own heart that I can do better.

On both nights I made some avoidable mistakes simply because I lost concentration.   While I also know that with just a little more practise I could improve my tone, range and technique the things that went wrong were just down to concentration.   I suspect that this could be down tiredness, not the tiredness of a few late nights, but the tiredness that comes from a year without holiday and far too much stress, and just a little trauma.   There is not a lot I can do about that, but at least I do have a few days off coming up, I suspect that I will have to take off the whole two weeks from Monday 23rd to Monday 6th January. I could do without the loss of income, but maybe the break will do me good.

Apart from four of those days I don't know what I will be doing, on Christmas day itself I have been invited to spend the day with some good friends and after boxing day I will being spending three days with my Mother. Other than that I have no plans, and at the moment no plans for any opportunities to dress up.   Having bought the white dress I wanted to wear to my support group Christmas diner, I want an opportunity to wear it.   I am always being told that this is the party season, but Paula hasn't been invited to any ....yet!
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