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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Driving Out

I have often heard it said that when a difficult conversation has to be had then a car journey is a good time to have it.   There is other stuff going on to fill in any difficult silences, and of course you are not actually looking at each other.   Today I had to give my friend A a lift to the airport, this is the friend with whom I had the conversation some years back along the lines of

A "Are you a cross dresser?
Me "No I'm quite happy abut it"

I have been wanting to come out to him for some time.   I have also been curious ever since that conversation as to what made him ask.   Of course he had forgotten the original conversation, but was totally cool with the idea, indeed at one point he did say "I expect you make a pretty good woman"   The conversation covered all the usual ground, but since A is also a musician it also covered my performances with the LGSO.

Again, as usual I feel a real sense of relieve once I have told one of my friends, so far they have all accepted that this is me and it's OK, but I think the main reason for the relieve is the end of the lying.   A while back I decided that I would tell the truth when asked, "no more stories", "no more excuses" but there is a difference between waiting to be asked and coming out and telling, but it is still all about honesty, keeping the truth and intimacy within a friendship.   A did observe how pleased he was that I felt I could trust him, I think that this may strengthen and already very good friendship.

Also particularly pleasing is the fact that A is a prominent member of our Church.
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