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Paula's Place

Friday, 6 December 2013

Party Frocks

There is a very timely gallery in the Telegraph showing their top twenty Trendy Christmas Party Dresses. some of these I love, some I like and some I just think ERR?  What does unit almost all of them is that they are outrageously expense.

Given that I am used to buying most of my clothes from charity shops and twenty pounds for a dress is a lot of money to me the very thought of paying £3,500 for a dress makes me go all weak at the knees.

I will be going out tomorrow night to our group Christmas dinner, I have a very nice Topshop white peplum dress which I will be wearing with a pair of strappy ivory and gold sandals, none of the dresses the Telegraph features is anything like the one I will be wearing, and my whole outfit - including the over coat and bag will have cost me less than £75 ~ if I remember I will get photos

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