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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Size does matter

A while back I changed the banner headline of the Blog from being something about the exploration of my feminine side as I come to terms with being a cross dresser to the rather more bold claim to being the "Adventures of the World's leading Transgendered Bass Trombone and Tuba playing Gardener", well I haven't had any arguments so I guess I am the world's leading, etc. etc. whilst this may not be much of a claim, a bit like Eddie Izzard's claim to be the only cross dressing Yemeni comedian there is probably not a lot of competition.   Implicit in the claim is a fairly public profile as being Transgendered as well as being a gardener and a Bass Trombone and Tuba player.   Well if I am honest with myself while my circles are expanding I am still more widely known for my gardening and my music than for my clothing choices.

I am now "out" to a lot more people than I used to be (i.e. any) I have now played several performance with the LGSO and one with the LGSW, I have appeared in public, not just as one of many, but on the platform as a performer.   Yet I have so far restricted these performances to being with LGBT groups, Paula has yet to play with a "civilian" band or orchestra, the vast majority of my friends are still not aware of my gender confusion, sure I have spread my wings, but I a not sure that I am yet flying.

I wonder if all I have achieved so far in my going and coming out is merely to expand the size of my closet.

Of course we all want a bigger closet, if only to put all the clothes in, Tubas, Fish Ponds, Greenhouses and Closets it doesn't matter how big they are you always want a bigger one.
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