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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Dress Size Lottery

Dorothy Perkins size 18
On Monday morning I had my hair done, just a trim wash and dry, I think I may have it permed again next time, as long as I am still working at my current levels this is a small luxury I think I can allow myself.   I rather like the feeling of being pampered and I always think I look good when it’s done, and that helps to make me feel good, yesterday was no exception.

Country Casuals size 14 (with new Jones shoes)
After this I had a few things to do so popped into West Wickham were I visited Boots and the Bank, once the essentials had been done I did a trawl through the charity shops.   There was nothing I needed but I did want to see if I could find a small white should bag, and maybe some more androgynous tops.   I am aware that sizes can vary so was prepare do try on anything I was thinking of buying.   I actually bought

·        Brand new (with labels) Essentials all wool trouser suit size 16 for £17.50

·        Country Casuals dress and jacket suit size 14 for £10

·        A white leather shoulder bag for £1.99

·        White top size 16 for £1.00

·        Cream top size 16 for £1.99

·        A pair of brand new (with labels) Jones the Bootmakers brown shoes for £4.99

After all that I was in need of a coffee, I was wearing a favourite Dorothy Perkins dress size 18.   I tried on both suits and they both fit fine, the bit I am most surprised about are the suit trousers, I would normally be a size 12 or 14 for trousers but both the jacket and trousers fit ~ maybe that’s why they ended up in a charity shop.    It does seem ridiculous that on the same morning I can be three different sizes from three different manufacturers.   I find myself increasingly sympathetic for the amount for clothes that my daughter has to return as she won't try them n in the shop.   Anyway, depending on your point of view I either wasted or saved a lot of money.
I did make one mistake, I bought what I thought were a couple of packs of three tights, it was only when I got home and unpacked everything that I realised they were stockings, not tights.   Oh well in the greater scheme of things a good morning in the shops.
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