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Friday, 6 September 2013

When the Rain Falls

Let it Rain

Today, Friday, the temperature has dropped by about 10 degrees and it’s raining, off course I did have some outside work scheduled for today, but nothing that can’t be caught up with later, so I am having a day catching up with some of my data entry and admin.   I will be going to the bank later, but for now I am sitting at the desk in my lounge taking a quick break from some pretty boring data entry and enjoying the situation.

The situation is that I am having a cup of coffee, dressed casually in a white top and denim skirt and pink fluffy slippers with the patio doors open enjoying the cool of the rain.   There is something very special about hearing the rain fall, and feeling the refreshing cool air it generates while staying comfortable and dry indoors.   After the last few hot and uncomfortably sticky days it is quite a relief.

The same outfit (more or less) on a sunnier day
Later I may have to pop into the timber merchant to check on some prices, if I do I will have to change, which would be a shame, so I will try to just phone them for the prices, and pop in tomorrow to collect the materials for Monday.
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