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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Technical problems

Every now and then we will all have the odd wardrobe malfunction, whatever our gender, or gender expression.   However it is just a bit more complicated or embarrassing for girls like us, especially when the problem involves some of the fundamental underpinnings.   I have learnt many a lesson the hard way, such as it is not always the prettiest panties that provide the best “containment”, you will be pleased to hear that I will leave that one hanging, and not offer any detailed explanations.

The other weekend I did have a bit of a technical problem with my boobs!   As well as wearing a bra I had got into the habit of securing my boobs with some craft glue, this had built up into quite a stiff extra layer on the back, I felt it was about time I cleaned this off, in the process of cleaning I managed to put a small hole in the back of one of them and a little silicon started to ooze out.   Although I patched this up with some tape I decided it was time for some fresh boobs!   I bought some new ones from Soft Leaves, although they are from the same firm and very similar to my others they are a little paler and ever so slightly larger.   This is excellent news as it means I can now properly fill all my bras without any additional help, it also means I have a pair I can keep for best ~ and not many girls can claim that.

So off for the photo shoot I wore my new boobs wearing an appropriate bra and using some double sided tape for extra security as recommended by the manufacturer.   When I came to the shot I wore my backless evening gown which meant no bra, after a little while under the lights I realised that my boobs were slipping!   Indeed they were no longer attached at all, it was just the cut of the dress that was stopping them sliding gracefully down my body and legs onto the floor.

With a few adjustments I managed to get through the shoot,  but I can tell that this will not get me through a whole evening.   The manufacturer recommends using the tape, but the tape does specify that it is for additional support, not a sole form of attachment.   Anyone any ideas?
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