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Monday, 12 August 2013


On Saturday night I played a concert locally, having been dressed all morning when it came to go out for the rehearsal I was reluctant to get changed back into drab. So rather stupidly I left my eye makeup on and wore a short sleeved black blouse I rather like.   Bearing in mind my earlier comments that people either don't notice or only see what they expect to see, I was interested to see what would happen.  Well as it happened it seems that it was noticed both that I was wearing a blouse and that I had on some makeup.   Nothing was said to me but I do know that I was "spotted".   I wonder, if I had been asked why I was wearing a blouse would I have had the nerve to say that "I am a cross dresser and this is one of my favourite blouses?"

I don't know, and I suspect that bearing I mind my current circumstances it is best that I don't find out!   A couple of times over the last few weeks I have been very tempted to come out in quite a big way, but I think now I should try to calm it all down a little, at least until I am a little more settled in my own mind about whether I have a future and what that future might entail.

The concert itself was a great success, I ended up playing with two bands, the host band from London (on Trombone) and the guest band from Belgium (on Tuba), the music the Belgium band played was a lot more technical challenging and made pretty tough sight reading, especially when it went into six flats and I was playing a CC (this means that the more flats there are the further it gets away from the home key and the more difficult the fingerings become).   Unusually there was not a single piece in the set that had played before or even could say I knew, so I was very much on the edge of my seat for the whole set.

Playing trombone for second half my main problem was physical, as after the entire first half and two rehearsals before hand my lip was beginning to flag, indeed I'm not at all sure how I survived to the end, but somehow I did.   An excellent fun evening with friends, old and new ~ and just as well they didn't notice the trousers............
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