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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Femininity ~ in safe hands

On Femulate the other day Stana answered a question that basically asked what will cross dressers do when all the women dress like men anyway.   I started putting in an answer to the post and quickly realised that I had more to say than could easily be included in a comment.    So of first can suggest that you pop over and read the original post.

First is the idea that all the women are abandoning any sense of femininity in their dress, with everyone wearing jeans and tee shirts.   Certainly I do see a lot of people (of all genders) in casual clothes, well actually down right scruffy clothes to tell the truth.   My personal hate is sweat suits and jogging trousers (joggers) I will only admit to having worn these when actually out running and that hasn't happened for quite a while.   I will agree that there is not as much elegance as I would like, but it has not vanished, and I suspect that it never will.   I look at my daughter and her friends (mostly 16 - 18 year olds) and although most of the boys are absolute slobs (but then wasn't it always thus) most of the girls dress in a highly feminine manner.   It seems to me that as a generation they have embraced pretty, and on the whole I thoroughly approve.

Like most parents of teenage girls I would like it if some of her hemlines were a little lower, but on the whole she displays excellent taste and like her friends will not be seen in public unless she is properly dressed and made up.   Indeed she does not own a pair of jeans, legging yes, but always worn judiciously, I am sure that femininity is in safe hands with her generation, much more so than with her mother's.

I have to agree with Stana  that those seek "Fancy Dress" will find what they want one way or another but those who are true "Femulators" will seek to emulate, what is being worn.   Unlike Stana I now regularly find that I am in situations where anything other than casual wear will attract attention, so I quite often find myself in jeans and a top, but I refuse to accept that this is by definition unfeminine.   Whether it is the cut of he jeans the choice of the top, style, length, colour all contribute, then there are the accessories, these all add up to how we look, there should still be a great deal of difference between masculine and feminine jeans and a tee shirt.   Of course there are always slobs on both sides, and when people can't be bothered to make any effort with how they look, then they look neither masculine nor feminine, just slobs.
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