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Friday, 16 August 2013


There is something about the relationship cross dressers have with a camera that separates us from most civilians.   I thin that being able to look at photos of ourselves somehow affirms our experience of dressing, on a practical level it does allow us to look critically at our presentation and see ourselves as others see us.   We can then work a little harder at the bits that don't work, adjusting our makeup or our style to fit.   But I think there is more to I than that, having the pictures is proof that we did that! they also have the advantage that in a photo you can't see the walk or hear the voice, it is all about the image.

Some of the images I see of cross dressers on the internet, suggest to me that maybe quite a few cross dressers have confused ideas about women, or maybe the sort of woman they want to be.   These are the photos that can politely be put in the category of "Glamour" but often seem to have more to do with a form of exhibitionism.   I have just been looking at some Cute Cross Dressers over at Cyrsti's Condo, and some of them are very cute, but there are others where a little more taste (and a little less underwear and flesh) could have been displayed.   I struggle to understand what motivates anyone to make public photos of themselves posed provocatively dressed in skimpy lingerie.   Why do so many of these photos show socking tops?   I know that a significant minority of women do wear stockings, but as a general principle the idea is not to show the tops, to display that you are wearing stockings tends to suggest the sexual connotations, that availability, rather than a comfort related choice.

I think this is also one of the reasons that many civilians will assume that crossdressing is all about sex, if these are the images they see, then it is only natural that is what they will assume, if they are only aware of having seem images of cross dressers draped provocatively over a bed dressed in bra, panties, suspender and stockings and extreme heels, or worse still performing demeaning sexual acts, then they may well assume that that is all we do.

Of course the temptation is even stronger now many of us have smart phones with great little cameras built in, if you use one of these then you may want to watch this, it shows how your location and some personal details can be traced when you post pictures on line, even if you think you are being anonymous!

So ladies, my plea is remember that any photos that get on the net stay there, they can be copied and posted on other sites you have no control over, they are available to everybody and anybody to look at, so please play nicely.
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