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Paula's Place

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Just like riding a bike

After a few hours gardening and breaking another lawn mower (this time the handles on my big mower actually did break) for once I was actually back in good time to get to the osteopath..   This meant I had time to have a wash and get changed before going, something I like to do but not essential, it just feels more friendly to go looking and feeling clean and respectable rather than dirty and in my work clothes.

After only a short wait I went in and enjoyed a good pummelling, I really needed this as I was beginning to get pretty stiff far too much of the time.   I wonder how much of this is down to old injuries and how much to the nature of my work, either way it is something I have to accept and my regular visits to the osteopath mean that I can keep moving and working.   A perfect gentleman he always seems genuinely pleased to see me and has never commented on my coloured toe nails or my taste in underwear.

A little later still I finally managed a concert band rehearsal, it seems like a long time since I have been to one of these since last week's rehearsal was cancelled and the week before I was ill, it was good to get the tuba out and play, even though at times it felt as though I had to relearn the instrument.   I first learnt on the EEb and I can always play that without having to think, then I learnt the Euphonium for a short while and then the Bass Trombone, again with these I need to practise if I haven't played for a while but don't have to think.   I learnt all of these as a teenager both the BBb and the CC I learnt as an adult (in the case of the CC just the last few years) and if I am not playing regularly I have to think about the fingering.   The basic technique is the same for all tubas it is just a question of remembering all the different fingerings.

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