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Paula's Place

Saturday 21 April 2012

New Boobs, and trellis

Once her friend had gone P gave me the parcel that had arrived for me and left me while she got ready for lunch.   The parcel was the new boobs I had ordered, at first glance they do look very odd, once I had popped them into my bra they began to feel comfortable, the first definite impression was far more weight, and perhaps a little bit more "jiggle", we then went straight off to lunch.

So it was P's turn to buy lunch (this is a good way of making sure we carry on doing this, taking it in turns to pay) and we went back to the same Italian restaurant we used before, P is beginning to know Paula better, so when we were greeted with a 2ood afternoon Ladies" she whispered to me not to smile too much!   As with the last time we met up we talked and talked, about all sorts of things, families, gardens and only touched on T issues in passing.   We did talk about my bra problem though, and P decided that I did need help!   I can't get over how much fun being a lady who lunches can be, the attention of the staff, and one or two of the other customers, the relaxed friendly environment and some nice food in good company, who could want for more.

After lunch once again a quick (ish) visit to Matalan, since they are just round he corner to the restaurant I have tended to park there, and walk to lunch.   After that it seems only polite to go in and look around.   ow today we had a particular problem to solve, my bras.   P spotted that there was no point in getting me what she referred to as "practical" bras, but also that there was no point in spending too much and then finding that they don't fit.   Even somewhere like Matalan the selection is intimidating, in the end we decided to go for a compromise and bought a pack of two, one pink one white in 38C, that is a size up on what I have been wearing, but with no built in extra padding.   Almost as soon as we got back to P's I had to try at least one of them, and have to vote the purchase a success.   Now I know my size I can get myself a nice black set.   After all my losses that would give me bras in White (1); Pink (2); Zebra Print (1) and Black (1), that should be enough ~ unless I see something I really like of course.
While there I also tried this dress on again, P and the girl at the changing room both said it was nice, I should like to buy it but am just aware of how many clothes I am buying and how little chance I have to wear them.   Although the more I think about it the more I think I will buy it, what do you think?                                                                                    Well, after all that excitement we went back to P's house, I had been to the timber merchant earlier in the morning to pick up some lengths of timber and some trellis for her.   Her husband or step sons are quite happy to put it up but needed the prod of it being there.   First we took in the lengths of 2 x 2 then came back for the trellis, as we were getting it out a council workman who was doing a bit of work on the road called out to us ~ you girls alright or can I give you hand. without looking at me P replied that we were OK, then just told me to stop smirking!   This silly little event has given me a real "glow" and each time I think of I have a little smirk to myself.

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LL Cool Joe said...

Oh it's such a joy to be called by ones correct gender. Walking through the airport to get my passport checked the lady called out "You next sir" and I tried not to smile too much. Well my smile makes me look girly, that's why. But inside I was smiling. :D