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Paula's Place

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Hair piece

This morning my first appointment was with my hair dresser, I like the way she cuts and styles my hair, in boy mode I think a longer style actually suits me better than the current normal short hair, in girl mode I am just so much more comfortable not wearing a wig.   On the other hand the wig does allow me to be blond and I don't think I would get away with dyeing my hair just yet.   One disappointments for me is that after it has been styled my hair looks so nice, but after a day or so it loses the styling from the blow dry and I can never quite manage to reproduce the full effect.

To try to solve this problem I have book longer for my next visit so I can have a perm!   Not a curly Kevin Keegan style perm just a soft perm to hold the style.   This will be pushing the boundaries of what may or may not be acceptable, I will have to see, and if I get away with the perm then the next thing is to have my ears pierced!   The other day my wife took our daughter to have a piercing on her nose, knowing that I disapprove they went ahead anyway, I did say that if she had her nose pierced then I would get my ears done, but I'm not sure that they believed me.

Now I need to go and do some work so will have to get changed clean of the slap and take off my nail polish.   I am always reluctant to clean off my nails, it makes me quite sad, each time it feels like I am abandoning Paula and hiding her away again, still she will be out again at the weekend as I will be going to my support group, for the first time this year!   I have had a chance to try a few outfits and as long as it's not too cold then I will be wearing the dress in this photo, maybe with a cardigan.   I shall try to remember to take a camera and see if one of the other girls will take some pictures for me.

Now back to work, later the osteopath and then a rehearsal.


Bridgetty Jones said...

I think you might be right that having a perm might be pushing the boundaries and I certainly think that having your ears pierced would most definately. You would not be able to hide your piercings for a long time from your family, friends or customers. What do you mean by 'get away with', what sort of response would stop you going further, what if that is the straw that breaks the camels back (ie your marriage), are you prepared to risk it? As you said yourself a little while back your wife puts up with a lot, would this be too much? Also if you couldn't put contact lenses in what chance do you think you have of having a needle put through your ears and weeks of bathing them?

LL Cool Joe said...

Your hair looks great! You have much much prettier hands than me!