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Paula's Place

Saturday, 11 May 2013


Apparently this is my seven hundred and first post.   It would be fitting to have something momentous to say but I have very little.  Although the last few days have largely consisted of work I have had one opportunity to push my comfort zone.   Last night I was out dressed very strangely in one piece red suit white All Stars and blue crash helmet.

My friend has entered for a twenty our hour kart race, and has now found that his team are short of the number of drivers required, so I had a try out as fourth driver.   Although he was very kind about my performance I was not to impressed, not only was I the slowest bloke on the track I was also the oldest.   Mind you I can't use that as an excuse as my friend would have been the second oldest and he was the fastest!   My best lap time was about 10 seconds off a reasonable race pace, not only that but I seemed to spend far too much time either spinning or about to spin.   The strange thing is I felt as though I was going pretty fast, but the times were pretty slow, well at least that's one thing I managed pretty!   I think I should stick to driving the van, and maybe helping by providing a bit support, I don't think I have found a previously over looked vocation.

Right now I have just returned home after working this morning, it looks like I shall have to work quite a few Saturday's as long as the weather allows, it is the only way I can see to catch up on y backlog of work.   Unfortunately more less as I got home my wife and daughter went out, they are going to a local fund raising function which while it means I won't be seeing much of them this weekend it does mean that I have plenty of time to get ready to go out to my support group tonight.
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