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Monday 7 May 2012

Not the leather mini skirt

Well today the band played at a craft fair, lots of people there, but to be honest not many of them were particularly interested in listening to the band.   In some ways that may be just as well as it was not one of our finner moments, there were at least two cornet players I was expecting to turn up who didn't so we were a bit short on the top, however we managed a decent job and entertained those who did stop and listen.   In many ways what the organisers want from us is a bit of tradition, and some familiar tunes, we could certainly manage that.   I have heard it said that "Conducting a Brass Band is the most fun you can have with your trousers on", I have considered what it would be like without trousers, but with a dress, however I'm not sure they are ready for that, and I don't think the conductor should attract all the attention away from the band!

This is now the third year I have been conducting the band and I am still finding it the most musically challenging thing I have done.   While playing for various bands and orchestras have stretched me technically this is the role that stretches my musicianship most.   It may well be one commitment too many and I often find the organisation arduous, but musically it can be great.
Not appropriate
Anyway what I was going to write about was our upcoming support group meeting.   We meet (at least in theory)  the second Saturday of every month, for one reason or another we cannot meet at the Pub we usually go to, so it has been arranged that we will meet in a different pub, close by.   I am a little nervous about going there too glammed up as I don't know what it will be like on a Saturday night.   Usually I like to go to these meetings rather overdressed on the basis that I can, but this time I think I shall tone it down a bit so (as in the title) not the leather mini skirt.   This still leaves me with a decision to make regarding what to wear, maybe jeans and a nice top, or a tunic and legging but in either of these cases I don't know what shoes to wear.   If I go for a dress then I am getting close to that overdressing and drawing attention to myself, area.   On the other hand I could wear some nice slacks, a top and a casual jacket.  

One possibility
Do other girls go through these agonies before going out?   It doesn't help that I can't get out all the alternatives and just go through them, rather I have to plan what I want, get those items out of the case and then take them to where ever I get changed.

Another Possibility
Still I do have a few days to make up my mind.

Or then again.......


Pretty Sissy Dani said...

Granted I don't know what the usual thing is in the UK, but a casual skirt and top would not be out of place in a bar (what we call a pub) on a Saturday night over here.

LL Cool Joe said...

I like the "another possibility"