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Paula's Place

Saturday 17 December 2022


 I'm sure that a lot of my visitors will be familiar with Stana's Blog "Femulate", it is probably the leading international blog about cross dressing ~ I started following Stana a good couple of decades ago and still have a link to Femulate on my side bar under "Friends I like to visit" On the stats provided by blogger I often see that many of the people who come to Paula's Place come via Femulate, it's a little reminder of why many of you visit here.

Well enough ambling around a little while back she asked for Christmas Photos of readers, so I thought I would send her one of mine, and here it is featured on Femulate, a blog that has had over a million "hits" 

Does that make me famous?


Stana said...

Thank you for mentioning my blog and YES, you are famous!

LL Cool Joe said...

Well yes you are famous now! Well you always were really.