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Paula's Place

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Horay for Bloggywood

Some of the more eagle eyed amongst you will have already noticed that I have added another blog to my list.   I'm not sure how I missed the excellent Cyrsti's Transgender Condo from my previous list, enough to say if you haven't already been reading then get over there and take a look.

It is interesting, well it is to me anyway, how different a lot of the trans blogs are.   Many are a straight forward account of what the writer is going through as they progress through transition, some are more of a diary, others collect and disseminate information from a variety of other sources.   The thing is without them, good bad and indifferent though they may be we would all be less well informed more isolated and therefore lonely possibly depressed and self condemning.

There is an awful lot of bad stuff out there (or should that be here) on the old Interweb, but it has been a great liberating help to a lot of girls and boys like me.   There are also some very good sites for the other people affected by our activities, I would like to draw your attention to "Cross Dressers Wives" as I tried to say here, what we do is rather selfish and impacts especially hard on our spouses, so it is good to find that there is a place on the Internet for them as well.
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