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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Not quite the same thing

In his comment to my post "No Really Plagiarism" Joe says "Why is it that gay and trans issues often get put together? Aren't they two different things?"

Well yes they are different things, in as much as being trans is about gender identification and how we express that, while being gay is about sexuality, but maybe more to the point we are both groups who are marginalised by society, who need to fight for their rights, maybe no longer always legal rights often it is simple acceptance that we both seek, the right to go about our daily lives without fear of violence, rejection or ridicule.   As marginalised groups we support each other not because we are the same, but because society tends to treat us the same.

We group together for support, not because we are the same, but because we are different, different to how a lot of society feels we ought to be.   I support gay rights not because I am gay (I'm not) not because I am trans (I am) but because it is  the right thing to do, I play in the LGSO (a gay organisation) not because it is a Gay orchestra, but because they will accept Paula in their midst where I fear many orchestras would not.   Perhaps we are more open minded because we have been the victims of closed minds, maybe we are more accepting because we have so often been rejected, I think this is why we end up together.
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