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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Social Media?

One of my contacts on Google Plus recently posted that they were getting circled by lots of guys she didn't know and was a bit worried about their motives.   This is exactly what worries me about the whole "social media" thing.    Facebook friends may not be friends at all, they could be quite the opposite.   I consider myself lucky that I have maybe half a dozen real friends, then maybe a social circle that could run to a couple of hundred, I am a very social animal and participate in group events, so that circle would include those people I have played Rugby with, members of my Church, Orchestra and Band members, many of these people are not friends, but contacts, people I am happy to pass some time, but not people I would want to open my soul to.

If I am at the pub or coffee shop I can control who I am with, who I share time and thoughts with, however much we may try to control our on line circles and "friends" we really have very little idea of who they are and why they are there.   So if I have these srts of concerns why on earth do I Blog?

Well I do have control over what I say, what I reveal, and indeed how easy or difficult I make it t identify the real me.   I am quite sure that most of the people in that large social circle I mentioned earlier would recognise my photos, if they happened upon these pages, but then I would wonder what sort of chance that would be.   I have up to a couple of hundred hits each day, the result of searches like
  • Crossdressers in high heels
  • Pictures of men wearing panties
  • Tranny outfit pantyhose
  • and today's favorite Cartoon girl playing bass guitar
I suspect they could have as much explaining to do as me.   Of course with my much quoted statistic that one in every hundred en is a cross dresser o some extent, that would suggest that there could well be one or two closeted crossdressers within my social circles, I have always worked on the assumption that I was the one in a hundred, but if I am the one in that rugby club, then there is probably one in the club we were playing against as well.

But I digress, the point is be careful what you say to who, we are all careful out there in real life don't become too casual just because it's virtual, behind every user name there is a real person, and many of them (us) are not necessarily who or what they purport to be.

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