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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Stuff and nonsence

It feels a little strange sitting at my desk at around ten O'clock in the morning, looking out the window at sunshine with no real plans to go out and do some work.    To put that in perspective I had a phone call from the customer I should have been with this morning telling me that they were covered with snow, and that I wouldn't be able to treat their fence yet, and although the sun is out our thermometer shows 0 degrees, and that is without the wind factor.   So this morning I intend to stay in wait for a pair of shoes I have ordered and catch up with some data entry work.

I have succumbed to temptation to a certain extent and have slipped on a favorite dress, and heels, I have even "done" my nails but that's my lot as my make up and jewelry are not in the house.   I may pop out in a bit for a coffee, or I may just wait in.   My wife will be back for lunch and a friend is coming over this afternoon to help with some work on the van, so although it would be nice to go out, have a coffee, browse some shops and relax, I think my time would be better used finishing up my data entry  and earning some money!

It feels like a while since I have been out, but I will be strong and not waste time when I can be  gainfully employed, I shall just look forward to my next LGSO rehearsal, and maybe start to plan another day out.   After all it's always good to have something to look forward to.
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