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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Whimsical Wedensday

I know I have written about this before, and I probably will again, but what we wear says a lot about us, in it's most simple terms for some us us it is a statement of how we identify our gender at that time, but it also says so much more.   Are we going about business, or on a day off, what sort of a social occasion are we attending, do we want to blend in or stand out.   Yes this applies to cross dressing but also to all our clothes.

A few years ago when I was still in employment the Company Christmas do was at a boxing dinner at the Regents Park Hilton.   Obviously there were some "High Rollers" there and a lot of boxing types. at our Company table I think there 10 men (including me) the Owner wore a white tuxedo with a black dress shirt and bow tie, the Accountant wore a Black dinner jacket white dress shirt and black bow tie, I wore a black dinner jacket, white dress shirt, dark green bow tie, and a silk brocade waistcoat (mostly green), the rest of the guys had all hired there DJs, fine, but, they had all obviously gone to the same two hire firms so had matching waistcoats.   Of about 200 men at this even I should think that there were two groups of about 75 each wearing matching waistcoats.   At the time it struck me that what we were wearing as men said as much about us, how we saw ourselves, and how we are prepared to spend our money.

Be careful what you wear, it can say much about you.

On a different note (sic) the other cartoon that caught me eye this morning was Brooster Rocket, I think I may have played in that section...........although I'm not sure about the pie

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