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Paula's Place

Friday, 18 January 2013

Baby it's cold outside

It has been so cold all week that I have got no gardening done at all, and have already cancelled tomorow's work; this should mean that I am now bang up to date with all my paperwork, but alas it is simply not so.   I am finding at very hard to sit down and concentrate on what I should be doing, there are always far too many distractions, what with the Internet, day time television, the radio and practise to do it is hard to get down to a spread sheet or sort out my tax.   I can't put it off much longer so I fully intend to concentrate tomorrow and have it done by the end of the weekend.

I did manage most ~ if not all of the work I wanted to do today, but I didn't do much else that I wanted to get done.   I have a couple of arrangements I'm doing for the Brass Band that have to be finished for Monday and I have barely started, so it looks as though I will be spending much of tomorrow and Saturday slaving over a hot stave.   We have a concert coming up at the end of the month and I had hoped to have an arrangement of Skyfall ready, but that doesn't look likely now, at least not with sufficient time to rehearse it.   At least I have been able to upload my copy of Sibelius onto the old laptop, as it looks as though I won't get the Acer back until early next month.   I can't see why it would take so long, but then maybe that's why they only charge £50!

I am finding it increeasingly frustrating not having all my files to hand, it is not just the photos and the scores but all my invoices, leterheads old e-mails and spreadsheets, there are a lot of monthly jobs where I tend to just save the previous month's spreadsheet with a new name and then overwrite it, I can't do that if I don't have the previous month so I am having to start from scratch.   I just have to hope that the files are retreavable.
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