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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Too Steep for Me

I had a little outing today, I had to go up to town to drop some work off at a hotel in Marylebone, I decided that I would take the rest of the day off, travel up by public transport and enjoy an extra little bonus outing.   I travelled in "sort of stealth", by this I mean I was wearing mostly girl clothes, but in such a way as not to be obvious, but with very little adjustment would be quite femme.   So after dropping off my parcel I made for the Hotel loos, locked away I slipped on a bra and my forms, tucked my skinny jeans inside my boots, then made up my face and put on some earrings.

I just had a bit of a wander around before popping into Selfridges, Oxford Street.   I have never been in this store before, and I have to say WOW.   It is just so nice, a real retail paradise, lots of lovely stuff being presented by lots of lovely people.   I saw quite a few things I liked but nothing that I needed or could afford. I did fall for one particularly nice Alexander McQueen Dress but at over £1,400 just a bit too rich for me. I did stop for a cup of coffee in "the tasting room" a rather swish bar on the second floor and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.   It was fun to browse through the departments enjoying the
lovely things, Selfridges doesn't have a shoe department, no it has Shoe Galleries, and many of the products on display are works of art, with price tags to match.

A lot of the people there were, like me, just enjoying the experience, but plenty were buying, including one man buying some Christian Laboutin shoes for his wife, in her absence; at these prices I would want to make sure they fit first.   I was rather taken with these Feller Patent Leather Court Shoes from Nine West, but at £130 it was not only the heel that was too high for me.

This is not something I could do everyday but it was great fun to see all these wonderful things, but the prices...... who pays £35 for a pair of knickers? or £90 for a pair of tights?

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