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Monday, 5 November 2012

America Votes

So we are coming up to that time when Americans vote for their President.   The post holder is widely viewed as the most powerful man in the world, certainly they will be the commander in chief of the most powerful armed forces and the political head f the most powerful economy.  

Here in Europe we tend to think that which candidate wins will make a big difference to how the world will be, we also tend to look at the candidates that emerge and despair, to us the choice often looks like being between the right wing, and the extreme right wing, and worry what will happen if the "wrong" man wins.   Well sometimes the USA do vote in what we might think is the wrong man, and, well I'm not sure how much difference it makes to us.   George W was obviously the worse candidate yet for a number of reasons (not least the bazaar electoral college system) after a series of Court cases won, and what difference did it make to the rest of the world, we will simply never know.   Bush's time will be remembered for events out of his hands and how he reacted to them, maybe he did lead the world into war, but would Al Gore have reacted with any difference?

I hope the USA will make the right decision tomorrow, from my point of view that means the candidate who wants a progressive sustainable economy, will resist international armed intervention, and looks to support the Country's weakest and most marginalised citizens.   Thoughts on trans rights of course would influence my choice, but would not be the sole critical factor, but then I don't have the choice.   Maybe I should hope that whatever choice Americans will make will be made the right one, that whoever takes up this high office will be worthy of it.   What we do know is that it will be a man.
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