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Paula's Place

Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Where I am working at the moment there are not a great deal of shops but there are a few charity shops so yesterday I decided to have a quick look around.   I needed to replace my nail varnish remover as I will be with my osteopath this afternoon and I thought the cherry red polish might be a bit too much.

Well I had some success I did manage to pick up a couple of pairs of nice clip on earrings and a pretty brouch, in the shape of a leaf with pink sparklers all over it.   I also bout a pair of next trousers, they are black with a sort of mole skin finnish but nice and lightweight to wear, they are a first for me in that they have a smooth front and a side zip, of course no pockets.   I shall have to be carefull when I wear them that I too have a smooth front.

Of course having restarted my collection I find that I have nowhere to keep them as the case was also stolen, so now I need to get myself a jewelry box as well.
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