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Paula's Place

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Well oiled

Well after work this evening I went straight to my osteopath ~ to say that he is a tall quite good looking man probably in his early forties is merely an observation.   I have been seeing him for a couple of years now and we get on well, he is into bonsai and I am a gardener so we share an interest in trees although we do treat them rather differently.

After my last visit I thought it best to remove my bright cherry red nail polish from my toe nails, but there was little I could do about my largely hairless body and legs.   Since this was the case I decided to wear the negative of the panties I wore last time I visited. That is a nice simple pair of white cotton high leg briefs with a black bow.   Again there was no mistaking the fact that these were made to be worn by a woman.
So as usual I stripped down to my scant underwear and stood while he checked my back and shoulders, I have been working hard so there was certainly some work needed. I was soon face down on the massage table with my back being worked on.   Now I am sure that it is not just my imagination that I was worked on for longer than usual, with much more time being spent on my legs, especially my upper legs and my lower back, my very much lower back.    A towel is used to keep the parts not being worked on warm, and to maintain an illusion of decency, but I am quite aware that today I was massaged both above and below the line of my panties.   Don't get me wrong this was very nice and definitely eased some tired muscles, it's just that last time I was offered today's appointment at a discount, and today I found his fingers inside my panties (only from the back!) more than usual, and my legs getting quite a bit of attention - well a gurl can't help wondering.

I am sure that it is just my imagination working overtime but I wonder what would happen if at my next appointment I upped the anti a bit. Maybe I will leave the polish on my toe nails, or maybe some more obvious satin panties....... I don't know it may be fun, or I could lose a very good osteopath.
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