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Paula's Place

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Marks of femininity III

Sitting pretty, I know that true female anatomy and male anatomy are different ~ and on occasion I have been very glad of this ~ but when we are presenting as ladies we need to suggest to anyone watching us that we do in fact have female anatomy.   Here I am thinking particularly about how we sit.   Men will sit with their feet at should distance apart with their legs going straight up to the knees the same distance apart, or maybe with their legs crossed, either knee over knee or maybe even ankle over knee.   Ladies do not sit like this.   First rule knees together please, there are some things  that simply should not be on display.

Knees should be kept together, always, ankles may be crossed, or feet together to one side, if careful you could cross your knees like Betty, so simple general rule of thumb, don't show off anything that shouldn't bee seen be ladylike, look like a lady, behave like a lady and you will be treated like a lady.

A while back there was a lovely series on the Couture Allure blog called the charm school there are some nice bits on sitting here and here.   Oh yes and remember you are the lady, so don't stand up when another lady comes in, old habits, even good ones, can die hard.
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