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Paula's Place

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The Risks I take

I very nearly outed myself by accident the other night. as I have written elsewhere I went to the Theatre on Saturday night, this was a very pleasant evening with what I thought an excellent play.   Primarily a moral tale with the message of nothing in excess.

I enjoyed the play so much that at Monday night's rehearsal I gave it a bit of a boost, telling a few members of the band how much I enjoyed the play.   This was when I found out that one of the members of the band is in the cast!

I had not recognised him, and he made no mention that he may have recognised me, I just hope I haven't embarrassed him!   This made me realise that although I pay lip service to the idea that if everyone knew about Paula, then I could live in freedom to dress how I want to when I want to, well I may not be quite ready for that yet.   Most of all the thought of risking much that I hold dear is worrying.   In future I think I need to be a bit more careful, and play away from home.
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