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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Saturday Night - part 2

Well I thoroughly enjoyed the play, but I was the only person there on their own, everyone else was either in a couple or a group, this also meant that no one other than the staff engaged me in any level of conversation.   This shouldn't disappoint me as how many people will engage a lone woman in conversation anyway, however I had hoped......

Walking back to pick Gloria up there was quite a crowd coming out of the Fairfield Hall so I popped in and joined the throng at the bar there.   Again I was a rarity as a lone female and was left to myself, after this it was home to bed.

Having stayed at the bar a little longer than I had planned I also got home later than planned, and found that my family had beaten me home.   Now as I have said before my wife knows but doesn't want to, she would definitely not want to see Paula come into the house.   I had allowed that this might happen so had a pair of jeans etc. in the van just in case, so I than had the indignity of getting out of my glad rags in the van, in the dark, This is not the first time this has happened but it always makes me nervous.   So far I have "got away with it" I did however have a bit of a mishap this time.   I managed to clean off my make up OK and get sufficiently changed, but when taking off my nail polish I managed to knock over the bottle of remover, losing the whole lot over the flour (luckily being a van rubber mats not carpet!)   The outcome a terrible smell in the van, and insufficiently clean nails.

I manged to sneak into the house dig out some cleaner from the bathroom cupboard and get properly cleaned up before quietly joining my wife in bed.   This sort of scare worries me more than being read.   I suspect that most people who actually look at me will be able to tell, but don't comment, but overall most people just don't care.   Even on Saturday night when I was well and truly "dolled up"
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