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Paula's Place

Friday, 6 December 2019

Advent Calendar VI

There is some sort of natural affinity between brass instruments and Christmas, we always seem to be wanted for every Christmas event. This is lovely, but it also means that I tend to get spread a little thin at the moment. There are a few Christmas performances from other bands that I would love to go to, just to listen to somebody else play, but they all seem to coincide with stuff I'm already doing.

I remember my Father, a very keen sports fan, always said he'd rather be doing than watching, so could easily end up missing a football international (his main sport) in order to play golf. I'm a bit like that with music, I'd rather be playing or conducting some carols than listening to the LSO!

In the mean time I have performances on both Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday I'll actually be playing with some members of my Brass Band for the switching of the Christmas Lights......... at South Norwood (not quite as glamorous as it sounds) and then on Sunday I'm out with my Orchestra the LGSO ~ This is going to be a fabulous concert with a wonderful orchestra, I just need to decide exactly what I'm going to wear. I won't be playing the piano but on this occasion I may take my inspiration from Betty!

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