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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Decision made,

Today is Shrove Tuesday

I have made a decision

I am going to fast

I will be giving up meat for Lent! For me this will not be easy, it will be sacrificial and it will be challenging. I am quite sure I will still eat well, but I will have to think more about what I am eating and why I am not eating as normal, why I am choosing this form of self denial, and imposing this level of self control.   Because of this I will be following some traditional Shrove Tuesday practises, I will be feasting today, in order to get all the meat out of the kitchen ~ actually since I have about five meat meals in the freezer I think they can stay there, and I'll just finish up the bacon for lunch.

I will also be starting another series, a few years ago I put together a lent course on the Creed, each week I will post a part of this course, please feel free to discuss, share use or ignore as you choose. I am choosing to fast, I am choosing to share my faith, because Christ choose me, He choose self sacrifice in order to allow me access to the Father, that I could share in His holiness, He life and His inheritance ~ I suppose that not eating meat for a while is the least I can do.

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