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Paula's Place

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Another opportunity to sell!

So today is Valentine's Day, the florist hasn't arrived yet, and my post has not been full of cards, actually the postie hasn't been yet, and may well not have to.

I am not expecting to receive any card, flowers chocolates or any of that stuff, I just get a little exasperated with the various media, news and social, all the adverts and stuff which put so much pressure on people to be part of a couple. I know that a lot of it is simply so they can sell more product, but none the less it does very much feel like those of us who are single are being excluded.

It does feel as though this is just another commercial opportunity to shift stock that nobody would buy any other time of year, Flowers in February, Chocolates, and of course naughty knickers ~ ahem sorry, I mean lingerie!

I will be going out tonight to see a friend, and I know that tonight is meant to be for romantic couples, for being all lovie and all that, but I also know that we will not be part of that whole couples thing ~ I suspect that now I will probably never again be part of a couple ~ oh well at least I am now me.

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