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Paula's Place

Thursday, 2 March 2017

A Problem Solved?

I have often alluded to the meagre size of my living space, the truth is that the space is fine, I just have too much stuff.  Having reached an age where pensions become the subject of interested reading I have had plenty of time to acquire lots of "stuff".    When I first moved in I had a pretty major cull, and subsequently I have had more, and so far the only things I have disposed of that I have missed are my old BBb tuba (Mrs T) and a small cast iron gratin dish with a handle ~ which I suppose goes to show that stuff isn't that important.

Books are something of an issue with me.   I tend to buy them in charity shops with every intention of giving them back after I've read them, but somehow they just tend to stay in the flat.   All my book cases are full, and all my shelves are double stacked, there are also a few piles on the floor.

Well a few days back I managed to do something I have been planning ever since moving.   I had a meeting at the Town Hall, so before my meeting I popped into the library next door, and joined!

Libraries are these wonderful places that will lend you books, without charging.   As long as they get the books back there is no charge and they just keep on lending.   I currently have a couple of weighty novels out, as I am working my way through a series. They are "who done its" so once I know I probably won't want to re-read so the library is ideal.

I keep hearing that library services are under threat, well the only way to ensure their continued presence is to use them, I'm doing my bit.

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