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Paula's Place

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Got Wood!

I have had both a frustrating and enjoyable day today. Frustrating because I had to spend some money I would have preferred not to and couldn't some stuff I need, enjoyable because I had a good day outdoors working in a garden, which looked a lot better when I had finished.

I often beat myself up a bit because I keep forgetting to take before and after photos when I'm working. Well today I did take some before photos n my phone, and had every intention of taking some afters as well, but when I came to it my phone was "off". I assumed I had allowed the battery to go flat, again, so have been charging it up. But it just won't switch on now.   I'm also charging up my old Nokia, but I don't think the sim cards are interchangeable.   Looks like I'll have to walk into Croydon tomorrow morning before work to the Vodafone shop to see what's what.

It makes me realise just how dependent I am on my phone now, all my contacts, the photos, the messages, the whole thing. It has also made me realise that I can't find my camera, and can't remember the last time I used it, since I've been using the one on the phone!

Well I should have known! the day started badly, I managed to find a replacement chain saw helmet OK but couldn't find a spare chain for my saw, so went to work with just the already slightly worn one on the saw, and the last one I had taken off. Today's job was to cut down an apple tree which had been blown over by Doris, and cut down another (just trunk) which had died a year or two ago, but been left standing.   I just about managed between my two rather worn chains to get the job done and all the rather considerable amount of timber waste loaded into the van.   I now have a load of logs but no where to burn them, so if anyone wants wood.................

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