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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Concert Dress XIV

Last Sunday (Feb 19th) I played a concert with my beloved London Gay Symphony Orchestra, included in the program was Mahler's awesome fifth symphony.   The piece is highly emotional and presents a number of technical and physical difficulties not least of which is sustaining the necessary level of concentration for over an hour.   Our orchestra has grown a lot over the last year or so which is great as we can now put a good performance of some of these massive works.

As we often do, we did have someone recording the performance so I hope that at some point I will be able to share a bit of it with you all, but for now I will just quote a (musician) friend who came to the concert
"Excellent. Whole orchestra played brilliantly. Better than I have sometimes heard professional orchestras play. Thoroughly enjoyed this evening."

I now have quite a few other performances coming up, an many different instruments, I even have a recording where I will be playing the electric bass for one track.   One of them, however will be presenting an almost unique challenge.

Once again this year I will be playing for the WOW festival Orchestra at the Royal Festival Hall, since last year's Mirth Control was just about the coolest thing I have ever done this year has a hard act to follow.   After all it's not every day that I get to play "We are Family" with Sister Sledge at the Royal Festival Hall!

Last year's brass section, with old lady in red at the end
Last year we had quite some confusion about what to wear, initially we were asked to wear suffragette colours, then it was changed to colourful Posh Frocks, I ended up vacillating madly about what I was going to wear, until I bought a new dress just for the occasion.

This year they are being even less helpful with the simple injunction

We would like to look and feel fabulous, so please wear something in which you feel great! Bright colours are fine and also sparkles and glitter!
Trousers, long or short dresses, skirts, all are fine as long as you feel amazing!

Well it would have been nice to at least get a clue! I think I need somebody to come over, go through my wardrobe and tell me what to wear!

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