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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Advent Calendar XX

My final Christmas performance is now in the past, with the Sunday evening Carol Service, and yesterday's social concert now gone I have no more playing to worry about.   This has multiple advantages, I have been struggling for the last week or so with some midge bites on my lip and across my face, which are very uncomfortable, now they will have a chance to recover.   I will also be able to pause and contemplate on the season.

A couple of years ago a Pastor asked the question "What does Christmas mean to you" my glib answer is that it is when we celebrate "the Transcendent made manifest"; a little more contemplation brought me to the conclusion that it is at Christmas that every thing starts to get better.

Each year it is at Christmas that the days start to get longer, the worst of winter, the shortest days when I have least work, or enthusiasm for what I do have are in the past. After Christmas I can start to look forward,  I can start thinking of spring, of longer, warmer days. More work, more light, more money. Things start to grow, even though it may be cold and frosty bulbs are coming to life and so am I.

In the same way it is with the coming of Christ that things start to get better, after Christmas we can start to look forward to Christ's ministry, His passion and His resurrection.   We are no longer looking back to Moses, David, and Abraham, we are looking forward to taking our place with Christ beside the King.

Having said all that I have a very difficult day tomorrow, and I hope and pray that my efforts on behalf of my customers company will bear fruit and they will survive.    This is one of those rare occasions when the "side line" takes precedence  over the "day job".   I need to be alert, analytical and incisive, ~ maybe I should go to bed.

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