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Monday, 19 December 2016

Advent Calendar IXX

Will 2016 please just STOP! I know that there's not a lot of it left but somehow it feels as if this has been the year of deaths.   Today I woke up to the news that Lionel Blue had died, I will miss his pearls of wisdom, his faith and his confusion both simply expressed. I will miss his humour, indeed even his voice.   It is strange that this has been a year of losses, losses of people who are in some way precious to us yet in most cases they are people we have never met.

Maybe it is something about our modern lifestyle where with social media, radio on TV celebrities come into our homes and become part of our lives.

Maybe it's yet another death, maybe it's because I'm having to wait in all day for a new electric meter to be fitted, but I am having a bit of a grouchy day, so I am going to share a few Grinch like cartoons today.

You could take these as a reminder that the meaning of Christmas is not presents, maybe as a reminder that however bad it may seem, after Christmas everything gets better; or maybe that we all need to have either a change or a rest.

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