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Paula's Place

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Advent Calendar XXI

Today is the winter equinox so we were a bit short on day light, as from tomorrow the days should start to get longer, and I can look forward to not having to stop work just after four due to lack of light.

Having said that I only had a couple of hours working outdoors in a garden today, my main job for the day was a couple of phone calls, and trying to construct a six month budget for a small business.   It is a long time since I have spent that much time working on a spread sheet.   Unfortunately I couldn't come up with the answer we wanted, but I don't think is my figures that are wrong, we will now have a lot more work to put in.

When I finally got home and had a chance to relax and check in to Facebook, I found that one of my friends had left this picture for me ~ do you think my friends are beginning to work out that I have a bit of a thing for Betty?

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