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Paula's Place

Monday, 12 December 2016

Advent Calendar XII

Managing to get todays post up a bit earlier than yesterday's, YAH!!! It was a pretty hectic weekend, indeed at this time of year they do tend to be for musicians, even us amateurs.   Yesterday was something of a high though, despite my stupidity I did enjoy playing with the Tuba Carols, and the evening concert with LGSO was simply Fab. So behind today's door I have a couple of not very Christmassy tubas 

I felt a little under rehearsed for the symphony, Sibelius 2, but I think that our ever growing string section managed to cover up any of my slips. On the other hand Gershwin's American in Paris is a real treat for Tuba players and I thoroughly enjoyed playing it, and if I say so myself I nailed the big solo!

Yesterday I said I would share any videos from Sunday morning, quite a few have been put up on Facebook, but I don't seem to be able to plant them here, so just follow this link and you should be able to enjoy the full joy of 30 tubas!
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