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Paula's Place

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Advent Calendar X

Welcome to day ten of my Advent Calendar, I do hope you are all enjoying opening the little doors and find the goodies I have left for you.   If you have been paying attention you may well have gathered that an important part of this time of year for me is music.   It feels as though well over half of the bands and orchestras I play with through the year have concerts today, indeed I have been asked to play at five (at the last count) concerts today. Unfortunately I haven't quite managed to master the art of being in more than one place at a time, so I had to make a choice, not too difficult actually since the one band I am actually a member of is one of the one playing today.

Then tomorrow I will be playing with the one Orchestra I am actually a member of the wonderful London Gay Symphony Orchestra (As seen on BBC!)
There is a sign that something very serious has changed in my life from last years similar weekend, I will be leaving for the final rehearsal of tonight's concert in a moment, and I haven't actually given much thought to what I am going to wear, and certainly haven't made a decision yet, so I'd better go and look at the black end of the wardrobe and get ready.

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