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Monday, 25 July 2016


Over the weekend I attended Trans Pride in Brighton.   This is not one of those massive festivals like Pride London, Brighton where every body seems to join in the fun and celebrations, where the whole thing takes on the feeling of a festival, losing the campaigning, political centre that originally drove Pride.   Trans Pride is much smaller, around 1,500 on the march this year, without the corporate presence and noise, but retaining the campaigning and protest, and until Trans people have true equality then I expect it will continue to.

I'm under one of those flags somewhere, photo credit to me wife!
Of course we also had a great deal of fun, I stayed in Brighton for the whole weekend as I was staffing the TransPALS stall at the main event in the park.   This gave me the chance to go out and meet up with some old friends on the Friday evening, and the Sunday lunch time as well as a bit of a party on Saturday night.

Booth Babes at Brighton
I'm afraid that I am simply too old for the Saturday night disco these days, too loud, too expensive, too late.   There were quite a few events that we managed to miss, next year I hope to be part of some of them, yes I'm already planing next year's presence.   After all until we have equal access to all health care, practical equality in the workplace, the right to self assert our gender and are treated with equality by Police and other in positions of authority we need to protest.   After all as I said at the beginning this is still a political event, it is a march not a parade.
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