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Tuesday, 26 July 2016


The outfit I ended up with
I ended up being in quite a rush on Friday, as on Thursday evening I had to prepare my van for it's MOT and then get along to a local Pub to meet my wife and hear my daughter at an Open Mic. My daughter sang three numbers, two of her own and one of Amy Winehouse's.   It was a very pleasant evening, enjoying some good music and each other's company.   So come Friday morning I was a lot less prepared for my weekend away than I had hoped, so after washing up and sorting out my laundry I threw a few things into a case and got myself ready.

I had more or less decided that it was time I grew up a bit and wore something sensible, I have a black red and light tan maxi dress which is nice and light weight, soft and floaty.   I have been waiting for an opportunity to wear it and thought that this was it.   I assembled all my bits and pieces, put on my shoes put on the dress and did my make-up, it was only after I had put on the make-up that I checked myself in the mirror and realised that the dress had a split all up the front.   I bought the dress from Avon last year and this was only the second time I had even put it on.   I suspect that the problem is not the stitching but that the turn over is simply inadequate.

Dinner, there was food as well!
My good friend and room mate for the weekend turned up at just about that moment, so I quickly popped on the only other dress I have that would go easily with my make-up and everything else I was wearing, maybe it is a little less modest, but hey! we were going to Brighton!

The journey was pretty uneventful, just the way I like them, and we arrived in time to relax a little a settle into our room before our other friends turned up and we could sort out what we were doing for dinner, before meeting more friends at a local hostelry.

This was the start of a theme for the weekend, realising the things I had forgotten to pack, it was only as we were going out for the evening that I realised I had totally forgotten any type of jacket, cardigan, or umbrella, fortunately the weather stayed warm and dry, so I managed to avoid frostbite!
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