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Saturday, 16 July 2016

It's all a matter of Choice

I know I've not been around here much recently, not much I can plead except the usual busy, busy busy.   This is a bit of a shame as there has been a lot going on and I am sure that you would have all enjoyed my insights on personal, local, national and international events. I am sorry that I have deprived you by my absence, that has not been by choice.

However here in the UK we have been exercising choice, and have made quite a momentous one. This is the first time we have had a referendum and not voted for the Status Quo, we await developments, but the one thing we know for certain is that we face a minimum of three or four years of uncertainty, and of course the one thing guaranteed to upset any economy is uncertainty.

The situation with my Mother is another where there is a lot of uncertainty, it now seems pretty certain that my brothers and I have to face up to making a decision that will change my Mother's life, as well as our own.   All around me the there is change, my own, my Family, my Country, My Continent. So much change, so much uncertainty and now so much hurt.

With attacks around the World there are so many death, whether it is in France, Turkey, the USA, Iraq or Syria at amounts to lives snatched away, families broken.

I coudl choose to be depressed, worried and pessamistic.

However I choose to focus on the good, the opportunities, the chance for reconciliation, and personally the most important of all my Family.    I heard this morning of a friend of a friend who came out as gay yesterday to his family, they have totally rejected him, this is so painful, that these attitudes persist in the UK to this day is a concern, almost as much as the personal hurt that has been inflicted.   So I choose to focus on the acceptance and love shown to me by my family, my Brothers have been fantastic, as has my Sister-in-Law. My Cousins are fine, and my Daughter is fantastic. Even my Mother-in-Law and the person who has the most right to reject me (my wife) have been fantastic!

It was so good to share a trip to Hampton Court Flower show with my wife last week, it may well be the highlight of my year so far.
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