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Paula's Place

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Mother's Day

I trust that it will not be news to any of my UK readers that today is Mothering Sunday, also known as Mothers' Day. In many ways I would have liked to have been with my Mother today, but it was not to be, I had a Gig last night, and as it happens she has been admitted to hospital, ~ yes I am worried, at her age anything that warrants being admitted to hospital is serious.

So this morning I rose bright and early(ish) and went to my own Church. This morning we had a baptism as well as our usual all age service. Baptisms are always involving, a moment where we share our joy, hopes, and faith, combining that with Mothering SUnday was wonderful.   During one of the Hymns we had a distribution of flowers, children were invited to come and get a bunch of daffodils for their Mothers, and a group of girls also collected bunches of flowers to give to the ladies who did not have children with them.

Sitting in the row in front of me was a group of ladies, I think they covered four generations of the same family. As I watched all except the eldest go and collect flowers then come back and give them to each other I could feel myself tearing up. Then when I was also given a bunch of Daffs I could barely contain my tears.   I'm not sure just how much was the occasion and how much may be the effects of my medication, either way it was wonderful to see, and wonderful to be included.
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