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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Concert Dress XIII ~ WOW

WOW 2016 supported by BloombergI wrote here about the problems I was having trying to work out what to wear for an upcoming concert. The Concert is this Sunday evening, and as some of you have already worked out it is a big deal! I will be in the WOW Orchestra at Mirth Control, the big finale to the Women Of the World Festival on the South Bank.   This is the second year I will have been part of this Orchestra, and I am still feeling very pleased to be part of something so special.   It is so very affirming of my status both as a musician and as a woman.

Leopard Embossed LeggingsSure it looks good on the CV, it will also be great when we start playing name dropping as well, as I will be able to add a few new "Stars" to the selection of names I can drop!

But just now I'm still worrying about what to wear.

Having more or less worked out an outfit in Suffragette colours, we are now told to wear something smart and brightly coloured.   Two things are for sure, 1/ I have no dresses that will fit the bill, the only brightly coloured dresses I have would do nothing for my modestly if tried to play a tuba wearing them, and 2/ I am not going to buy anything new now, there are only a few days left and I will be working all of them (weather permitting).   I have pretty much decided that I will go for a lovely bright red top, with black leggings and high heeled boots.

The only question is which leggings?

I have the embossed snakeskin ones, a pair that lace up at the back of each leg, or plan ordinary black ones.

I think any of them with my bright top will look pretty good, so I'm going to give you the chance to help me make up my mind.

By the way, before anyone gets carried away, these are NOT my legs!
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